Links – Niger frees reporters, SCOTUS blocks Arizona law, more

Niger frees a four-person Al Jazeera crew that had been jailed in south-central city of Zinder, after three days. They’d been working on a story about refugees, presumably (given the location) from northern Nigeria, just one of its many recent streams of refugees. Niger has been hit by some recent instability, including a prison break and an attempted attack (fr) on a gendarme camp in Niamey, and simultaneous suicide attacks (fr) by gunmen in the northern cities of Agadez and Arlit.

The US Supreme Court blocks an Arizona law requiring voters to present additional documents to prove they are citizens when voting, beyond the federal voter registration form.

Of the world’s 50 most expensive cities for expats – 13 are in developing countries, and 10 are in Africa.

Can’t help posting (with just a little boyish glee) that Green Bay, WI has named yet another street after a Packer – Donald Driver, who played with the Pack for 14 years and means it when he says he’ll never play for another team.

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