Best (and worst) of development acronyms

Just silly:

WANGO – World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations. Or this. I just hope both types of WANGO meetings feature similar dancing.

BINGO – Big International NGO

SLoNGO – Sexy Local NGO. I’m sure there are many more variations on this theme.

Hlppost2015 – High-Level Panel on the Post-2015 Development Agneda; alas they were not careful to keep the acronym from sounding like they’re off saving animals. Or at least to use upper case.

SWEDOW – Stuff We Don’t Want, aka useless in-kind donations that bog down development

Unfortunate coincidences:

UNAMIS, and UNMISS – The UN’s Advance Mission In Sudan and Mission In South Sudan. Presumably they rose above their names.

MST – Maladie Sexuellement Transmissibles, or as many secondary students in West Africa cleverly use to describe an unfortunate phenomenon, Moyennes Sexuellement Transmissibles (Sexually Transmitted Grades)

SIDA – In English: Swedish International Development Agency; in French: Syndrome d’ImmunoDeficience Acquise (you should be able to work this out)

And far and away my favorite…

IMAGINE project – IMprove the educAtion of Girls In NigEr. I’m all for good branding, but this is just cheating.


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I am a reflective person. I am an introvert, a friend, a brother and a son. I appreciate a well-crafted glass of beer, piece of music and turn of phrase. I am a professional of international development, a good pianist and a Green Bay Packers fan.

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