Hope for ordinary Malians?

I hope this story is being told inside Mali as well! Pride and patriotism – it’s great for the world to read a story like this and feel a little glimmer of hope for Mali, because of the pride & patriotism of these militias, training with essentially nothing to go and oust the Islamists from the north.

But this sense of hope is even more necessary for Malians themselves! Hope means knowing that ordinary Malians shouldn’t have to wait for the Junta and the politicians to come up with a solution, that in fact any solution that’s not going to improve the political and security situation for them is dead in the water. I do hope for more, lounder ordinary Malian voices demanding positive steps, and seeing this gives me a little more hope.

UPDATE: Similar post with stories from Gao from Sahel Blog

(More on this “Stories of Africa” theme soon.)


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