Comment telephone

Just a quick thought I had today. Working in an NGO office involves commenting on lots of documents, particularly project design and evaluation plans & logic models. Taking classes about project design and evaluation involves the same. I have to laugh (so I don’t cry) at how discussions and comments can just go round and round for hours. And other times, how they can take something in a whole new direction and change the meaning completely.

Anyway, I’d love to see the game “Telephone” adapted to a doc like this. Each new commenter would improve it as they see fit, and pass it back to an organizer, who’d save a copy and then send it to the next person. After enough people I bet you could get the whole goal of the project to change completely! And I would love to see how many versions of a logframe you’d end up with.

The best thing is, development nerds would totally do this. (I know I would.)


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I am a reflective person. I am an introvert, a friend, a brother and a son. I appreciate a well-crafted glass of beer, piece of music and turn of phrase. I am a professional of international development, a good pianist and a Green Bay Packers fan.

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