Brooks on Obamacare, and my two cents

My favorite take so far on the health care ruling is from David Brooks at the NY Times.

Many others have written about Chief Justice Roberts, who sided with the liberal wing to uphold Obamacare. They all use grandiose language, either heaping praise or decrying failure. There’s clearly emotion behind it, and pretty blatently political.

Brooks, however, cuts through all that writes about: modesty. A quality that is undervalued, and far too rarely displayed, in DC and in general.

My two cents: I agree with Roberts’ interpretation of the Commerce Clause. I don’t think Congress should have the power to require everyone to buy health insurance, or anything else for that matter, in the name of regulating interstate commerce. Sure, states can requre you to have auto insurance if you want to drive. But the US is a federal system, and states should have some powers that the national government does not. It may be a fine line between Congress requiring you to buy something and penalizing you if you don’t, and I’ll admit that I do celebrate this as a political win for the president. But I agree with Brooks, Roberts and many other conservatives in also celebrating the limitation that the Court put on Congress’ power to act under the Commerce Clause. They’ll still be able to regulate markets – as long as this ruling is interpreted narrowly enough – but not quite so directly.

I’d like the federal government to create an environment in which people can flourish, particularly disadvantaged people. But I don’t trust that bunch to meddle too directly. I may sound like a Tea Partier now, but when the GOP has a majority, I suspect many liberals will feel ok with limiting Congress’ power. (Not predicting anything for November)


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