Links from the past few days

Ann-Marie Slaughter on work-life balance. Absolutely take the time to read this. Similar theme as my last post but applied to western working women, and much much better. Women’s empowerment, whether in a village or in DC, can’t be just targeted at women – us boys need to get in the game and “act more like women – to speak less and listen more.”

Niger pledges troops to ECOWAS force for Mali! Jeune Afrique called it a while back with the sub-title of their article on Mahamadou Issoufou’s one-year anniversary (“the return of Niger onto the scene of international politics”) I enjoy seeing Niger gain respect in the international community – I just hope the competence in international affairs is matched domestically.

The 1970’s called at xkcd

Is it me or does the CIA seem to get more publicity than you’d think they like? Though I’m sure the administration doesn’t mind a little publicity of its support for democratic movements.

Supreme Court is still holding us in suspense about the Affordable Care Act, and the Arizona law. Monday maybe?


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