Good PR, and a good smile!

Anyone who’s seen Kony 2012 should watch these.

MamaHope is promoting positive images of Africa in a great way!  (Despite being the brainchild of a white woman.)  Short simple videos that make you identify with the people in them, and see yourself in them.  What better PR than that? No pity, poverty or victimization.

Tom Murphy at View from the Cave has the most recent one, along with a great post on the debate about images and PR of Africa in the West. In this one four African (Ugandan?) guys give their hilarious take on portrayals of African men in movies:

Here’s the first one from last year:

… and my personal favorite, turning the violent african stereotype on its head. All are worth watching in full – give yourself 3 minutes 20 seconds from your day:

I’d be interested to see whether this can be a good fundraising model



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  1. Please share these links around!

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